Partnership Deals in Real Estate for Networking Strategy

EVO has decided to try the networking strategy in real estate development of the United States. Andrew Farkas (, a leading real estate developer of the New York has been working with NAI a leading firm famous for real estate brokerage in the networking strategy. The strategy apparently will work by the two firms connecting each other to great deals and subdivide the profit gained from a deal well made by the two firms. EVO, in this case, has agreed to become the head office of more than 165 companies included in this great deal in addition to over 200 cities in this new network.

Many independent firms have been trying to avoid this strategy allegedly because they like maintaining independence in real estate. Also, they thin hat brokerage networking in real estate requires people known well to each other for deals to work. However, the brokerage network, in this case, will work well by connecting young investors in real estate to great deals and offers in addition to new innovation ideas in the same field. Certainly if there will be losses, the advantage will be that they will have been shared losses so not so much sinking will be experienced.

EVO with about 45 brokers and with roots to Winoker Realty Co. has agreed to fracas idea of networking for the first time with positivity in mind that it will be a great move for the brokerage company. Andrew has certainly managed to bridge the gap in his empire of real estate development. His strong opinion in global real estate developing is thrilling now that he has managed to create a link with the strongest brokerage firm. In addition, the firm already has strong links with the New York network a great advantage from this two giants of real estate development.

The networking concept has a future which has seen Andrew succeed with his fleet of real estate companies. Combining the company made a great deal that certainly will make them maintain the great empire fame and succeed more. Investors afraid of the concepts and who appreciate independence probably should retire from the status quo and join the two giants in becoming the dominant firms in New York real estate. Networking firms are able to share not only marketing but also significant information relating to huge deals. In the end, results will be growing leads in shares and also tight relationship among other investors of the real estate field which is rather competitive.