Some Of The Mid-Atlantic’s Top Rated Recruiters

Washington DC is no place to be tentative about your company’s success. If you want the best people for your company, your going to need someone like Nels Olson to find them for you. You need the most qualified people searching for your talent just as much as the talent that they find for you. For any business minded person in the DC area, this will be a quick rundown of some of the cream of the crop. When it comes to Washington DC and finding the talent to run it, these people know where to find it. It’s that simple. Spencer Stuart is no slouch when it comes to headhunting. They have a very qualified staff of pros who have worldwide connections to make sure that you’re getting a quality colleague. They have business & professionals services, education, consumer and non-profit to some of their specialized qualities. They have 51 offices in 27 different countries so they can easily find skilled professionals for your company. Russell Reynolds is where to look if your searching for an Executive or CEO successor for your established brand. They are experts at finding the very top of the list when it comes to hiring real leaders. They have panels on their website that are dedicated specifically to giving leadership advice as well. If […]


DC companies involved in government real estate construction

The real estate arena has grown tremendously over the past one decade. This has attracted Frank Haney as well as many other companies, which have invested in offering management and construction services across Washington, DC. Due to the high number of companies in this field, it can prove difficult to choose the right agencies. For those interested to know about companies that have taken part in government real estate construction, here are few suggestions that have been verified to offer reliable services. Willoughby Real Estate Company, Inc Established in 1937, Willoughby Real Estate Company, Inc. is among top rated real estate companies that have invested in Washington, DC, offering government real estate construction services. Founded on the need to offer value, to maintain integrity and to uphold honesty, the company has been able to operate under these virtues to date, something that explains their strong position and good reputation in the market. McEnearney Associates Inc Maintaining focus on the clients has been a norm with McEnearney Associates Inc since its establishment in 1980. The company has worked on hundreds of projects, which have accorded them popularity and government recognition. Working on real estate government projects that have enriched Washington, DC has been a favor to this company. When John McEnearney founded the company in 1980, he outlined the need to […]


Sharks Appear to be Circling Time Warner Again

From Fortune.com: Entertainment giant Time Warner seems to be the target of renewed interest by investors, including activist investors who reportedly want the company to be either sold or restructured so that HBO is spun out into a separate entity. The New York Post late Thursday, citing sources “familiar with the situation,” reported that activist hedge fund Corvex Management was looking at pushing Time Warner to make a move of some kind. Whether it’s rumors of a takeover bid or asset sale or just optimism about the company, Time Warner’s stock TWX 2.25% has been doing remarkably well over the past week or so, climbing by almost 15% while the rest of the media sector has been down or flat. Corvex is led by Keith Meister, who was Carl Icahn’s right-hand man before founding his own firm. Icahn himselfmade a bid to split up Time Warner in 2006, which the company eventually did. Its cable operations were spun off as a separate company in 2009 and its magazine unit (which owns Fortune) was spun off in 2013. Read the full story here: http://fortune.com/2016/01/08/time-warner-fox/


Examples of executives placed by DC head hunters

People like Christpher Chaconas and Niku Singh were placed with their companies through headhunting agencies that has likely seen them before. These headhunting companies create large profiles that can be used to place CEO and other high ranking officials with companies across the DC area, and the companies in the DC area require a special kind of expertise that other people in the world simply do not have. What Is The Head Hunter Looking For? Head hunter Nels Olson is looking for people who are capable of dealing with all the politics and other issues that are routine in DC. These CEOs have to meet with politicians, and they have to deal with governmental agencies all the time. These same people are going to need to help run their businesses as if they are not in the seat of government for one of the largest countries in the world. CEOs must strike a fine balance between political prowess and unconcern. The CEOs Are Paid Well CEO pay in Washington DC is outpacing nearly every other big market in America, and the reason for high CEO pay is the high pressure. People working as CEOs in the city are expected to network with people in the city who are very powerful, and these same CEOs may be required to work with […]


Brash, fee-happy CEO of Spirit Airlines abruptly replaced

From Miami Herald: NEW YORK (AP) – Ben Baldanza, who led the industry push for more and more airline fees, is out as CEO of Spirit Airlines. Spirit was losing money until Baldanza, 54, took over in 2006. He oversaw the airline’s transformation into an “ultra-low cost carrier,” an airline that didn’t include anything in its base fare and charged extra for seat assignments, snacks, soda, boarding passes and even using the overhead bin. To cram more people into its jets, Baldanza stripped passengers of the ability to recline their seats. He spun the move as making the seats “pre-reclined.” Known for his brash, no-excuses style, Baldanza said that if people didn’t like the fees, they could fly another airline. Baldanza at times reveled in the animosity that he helped to generate. Taped to the side of a corner bookshelf in his office was an expletive laden email from one disgruntled traveler that, in part, read: “I just want to let you know that your company sucks and your policy will run it into the ground.” Baldanza’s over-the-top style often carried over into the airline’s ads. When former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted to sending lewd photos to women, the airline launched “The Weiner Sale: With Fares Too HARD to Resist.” The airline once hired bikini-clad pole-dancers to drive around […]


A Glance at Oil Company Mergers

Cunningham Energy & Pettey Oilfield Services:  In 2014 Cunningham Energy announced it would merge with Pettey Oilfield Services Inc. With the combined capabilities of the 2 companies, Cunningham Oilfield Services will now offer full contract drilling, completion drilling, rig work, well location and pipeline construction, among other services. This merger will form a complete drilling and wells services arm under the new Cunningham Oilfield Services subsidiary.


Tax Credit program in Maine

A ton of businesses have been struggling to open their doors for business over the last handful of years, due to the less than ideal state of the economy, which has been making things very difficult. In order to help business that are trying to start out, as well as some various other struggling businesses, the government in Maine has developed a means to help companies out. The system that has been created, called The New Markets Tax Credit program, mimics various other systems that have been set up around the country, which have proven to be very successful. The program is fairly simple and straight forward and involves the government giving tax credits to banks who provide loans to businesses in the area. The way this works is the banks that receive the tax credits get a large amount of money that they will not have to pay in taxes, meaning that this money can then be lent out. It is a sort of way of giving a break to the banks, for the direct reason of having them take that money and flood it into businesses that are trying to get started. They all go through the same courting process with the banks, as the businesses need to have a great business plan and convince the banks to […]


Five Ways That Head Hunters Look For New Recruits on Social Media

The use of social media to recruit just the right candidate has become the principal way that many recruiters use to find just the right candidate. Learning what head hunters like Nels Olson are looking for can help you find just the right position but you must proceed carefully. The DC Area For those in the DC area, the search may be easier than it is in other large metropolitan area. This fact is because the number of available jobs equals the number of candidates searching for positions. This situation makes the DC area one of the least competitive areas to search. When choosing to use social media the candidate should be aware that the three most common networks are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is important that the candidate be conscious of the proper use of each so a little homework may be in order. Join the Networks Most Used By Recruiters Recently it’s been found that 73% of all companies have successfully hired recruits from social media so looking for work in this arena is critical. The breakdown is 79% have hired from LinkedIn, 26% from Facebook and 14% from Twitter. Almost 93% of all companies are expecting to find candidates from social media in the next year. The best advice is to do some research and carefully […]


Where Is The Money Going When Harvard Grads Give Back?

Harvard graduates are giving back to the school every day, and their gifts are paying to help keep Harvard as healthy as possible. Graduates are giving back to make sure the things they love last forever, but every graduate is a little different. There are graduates who want others to get the same education, and their gifts pay for scholarships. Other graduates help build buildings, and other graduates are giving to pay for new professors. The gifts are different in every case, but all the graduates are giving back for the same reasons. There is only one way to make Harvard healthy, and the monetary gifts offered by graduates are keeping Harvard in the position of one of the best universities in the world. Andrew Farkas gave back to Harvard after his graduation in 1982, and he notes that his time at Harvard changed his life. The Hasty Pudding Club Most people have heard of the Hasty Pudding Club, and Andrew Farkas of Island Global Yachting was a member when he got to campus in 1978. He spent four years in the club, and Andrew says that he was able to turn himself into a new person on campus. There are many who would say that college is supposed to educate the student, but Farkas believes that Harvard should allow […]


Brainstorming the Boardroom

BoardroomIQ.com is run by a Board of Advisors comprised of former Board Directors, to include Edward Breen, Chairman Tyco International Ltd. and George Buckley, Former Chairman, President & CEO 3M Company. Along with approximately fourteen other advisors including Dennis Carey, author of CEO Succession, you can be sure that the information on board leadership and all aspects of general governance will be held to the utmost standards. Purveyors of BoardroomIQ.com will be sure to revisit the site often to integrate what they’ve learned into their own boardrooms.